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Mushrooms have long been used in skin and haircare for their high B Vitamin content. We've combined Shitake and the prized Chaga Mushroom for it's long tested and used benefits for aging skin and scars.

I formulated this mask with the added benefit of high collagen boosters. Horse Chestnut and Comfrey not only give you an awesome feel in this mask, but they will plump cells and help them to take in the B vitamins and minerals. This mask is so great for thinning skin and sensitive skin as well as any type of scars. 


We've done this mask in a base of Dead Sea Clay and Glacial Marine Clay for a beautiful balance of mineral infusion for your skin.

This just-add-water formula is simple and free of all chemicals. We use nothing but wholly nutritive raw herbs so you get maximum value for your skin. No extracts or silly single-vitamins here. This is a topical supplement for your skin that will boost skin's ability to heal and handle the world.

Ingredients: Dead Sea Clay, Glacial Marine Clay, Horse Chestnut Powder, Organic Comfrey Powder, Organic Shitake Mushroom, Organic Chaga Mushroom

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***NEW***   B Vitae Mushroom Mask | MASKS