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Nasty Woman | BODY SCRUB



Time for a body scrub to wash away the Media, the Elites, the System; and time to wash away the whistles on the street, the grabs at the bar, the judgments in our families, and the times so one listens to our ideas. It's time to make a new world and reorder it like we were just at a drive-thru with a bad intercom. This isn't what we asked for y'all, so lets change it. Now.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Grapeseed Oil, Shea Butter, Abyssinian Oil, Camelia Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Himalayan Salt, Hawiian Black Salt (with charcoal), Sucanat Sugar, Essential Oils: Grapefruit, Lemon, Geranium, Myrrh, Palmarosa

8 or 16 oz glass jar because plastics pollute our breasts and mess with our hormones


Nasty Woman Body Scrub
Posted Feb 9th 2020 by Dana

I just started to use this body scrub as I switch up a different one after using one up since I can't decide on scents. I will say this is one of my top picks! I've used peppermint mocha, which I keep on hand ,along with whatever body scrub I'm using at the moment. Lavender Oat, Rose Antiquity, and Pumpkin Spice are others I've used and enjoy! As mentioned above, it's definitely a top pick for me!

My favorite scrub
Posted Oct 14th 2019 by shelley

I was skeptical about going soap free but after a year without it, I won't go back! NastyWoman is my favorite so far. I feel empowered using it like it's my secret! The scent is strong in the shower but leaves you with a subtle fragrance.

Nasty Woman Scrub
Posted Nov 6th 2018 by Alison Dreessen

I love this scrub! It smells so nice without being over powering! My skin is so soft and I don't use body lotion anymore (which says a lot, especially during the Colorado winter!) and my skin is so happy!! Officially and happily addicted! Thanks Courtney for your awesome products! ♡

Nasty woman body scrub
Posted Oct 27th 2018 by Sheila

LOVE!!!!! Found another BB product that I'll always be using! Put on before getting wet, goes on like butter! My skin is soft and isn't itchy/irritated. Nice light citrus scent, thanks again Courtney!!!

Posted Oct 17th 2018 by Michelle

I absolutely love this scrub! It feels and smells amazing without being overpowering! My skin feels so smooth and has a healthy glow to it after using this product just once! If you are looking for custom or small batch products that work, then you must try this shop!!!

Heart eyes forever
Posted Feb 20th 2018 by Ghiselli

I haven't found a Brazen Bee product that hasn't worked for me yet, but this scrub is truly divine. I try reaaaallly hard not to use too much of it at one time but it just smells and feels so good that I can't help but slather it all over myself. I am not shy about smelling flowery at all, but honestly dont think this product smells too feminine (whatever that means) for a masculine of center person to use comfortably and confidently.

LOVE it!!
Posted Sep 22nd 2017 by Audrey

Bought it for the name, keep using it for the results!!! Not only does the scrub smell AMAZING, but it leaves my skin feeling moisturized and fresh!! Love this product!!

Posted Dec 7th 2016 by Hawk

I opened it and when I caught the beautiful aroma, my eyes rolled back in my head. It smells divine!! My skin feels so soft and smooth, especially with the winter air trying to dry my skin out. Also, Fuck Donald Trump. Will definitely buy again!!

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Nasty Woman | BODY SCRUB
Nasty Woman | BODY SCRUB
Nasty Woman | BODY SCRUB
Nasty Woman | BODY SCRUB
Nasty Woman products Body Scrub to transform the power structure