Lemongrass Chamy 5 oz | HAIR & BODY BUTTER

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Lemongrass essential oil is coupled with the slightly sweet and equally healing chamomile here for a deeply moisturizing lotion that not only provides a calming and centering aromatherapy benefit, but also helps irritated skin and fights infection. 

This container battles even the driest of skin with a blend of butters and oils that is simply nothing short of top notch on the spectrum of healing. This argan blend has more argan oil than any other body lotion that claims to be argan based. 

I also refuse to add water to dilute my lotions. You can get water at home. Look at the ingredients of some other major argan butter sellers and note that you are paying for water and a lot of extra ingredients to make the oils and water mix together and look like a cream. With Brazen Bee, you get what you pay for and nothing less. 

Lotion up right after a shower and keep moisture locked in! Don't pay for water! 

As always, also safe and recommended for use on face.

Ingredients: Ghana Shea Butter, Burkina Fasso Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Karanja Seed Oil, Kokum Butter, Essential Oils of: chamomile, lemongrass

Customer Reviews (7)

Light Scent and lasting

Posted by Jarred on Jul 7th 2020
Smells great and actually maintains my skin throughout the day no frequent stops to remoisturize

Smells AHHmazing

Posted by Alison Dreessen on Jan 20th 2019
I am loving this body butter!! I use it everyday and what a difference! My skin gets SO dry in this CO winter and this butter is thick, but not heavy. And smells like Lemongrass heaven. Amazing! It actually moisturizes and lasts for hours, even through hand washing. I love it and am psyched to get more of Courtney's body butters. ❤

Still lovin' it

Posted by Patricia on Jul 3rd 2017
Ditto. What I said before! This and Citrus Acid Trip are my favorites. Lite, clean, fresh & airy scents. Both myself and my skin are loving these products!


Posted by Cassandra Keyzer on Jun 30th 2017
I have tried and loved many of Brazen Bee's products, but this is by far my favorite. The scent is so lovely and lingers all day on my skin. It helps tremendously with my psoriasis spots and keeps my skin soft and supple all day long. I apply it straight out of the shower and before bed. I love that I can also put it in my hair as I have very coarse, tightly wound, kinky hair that loves moisture. Definitely will be buying this again!

I'm digging it!

Posted by Patti S. on Apr 24th 2017
I'm loving all of the body butters I have ordered! Lemon Camy just happens to be one of my favorite scents! My old lady skin is improving everyday!

I'm In Love

Posted by Jenny K on Dec 2nd 2016
This body butter is amazing!! I have only been using it for 3 days and i keeps my skin soft and hydrated all day long! My legs are arms are no longer scaly.

Silky Smooth

Posted by Leeanna on Mar 28th 2015
Lemongrass Chamy Butter smells sooooooo wonderful and hydrates my skin all day. I even use it after I shave to keep from getting those pesky bumps. Wonderful product.
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