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Lavender scrubs are the mainstay of skincare for more than one reason. You simply can't get the relaxing aromatherapy coupled with a more skin-soothing essential oil in one fell swoop. Add pure oat oil which is rich in antioxidants and tocopherols and you have an amazing treatment for many skin issues and the frazzled mind.

I have added one full ounce of oat oil to each container. You would pay $10 for one ounce of oat oil alone!

Brazen Bee's scrubs are not your run of the mill scrubs. We don't beleive in rubbing rocks on your tender skin, so all salts for our scrubs are in powder form. This allows you to use far less scrub as it goes a lot further. It also makes for a product safe for tender skin.

The size of this puppy is nothing to shy away from, either. The powdered salt allows an extra 30% of scrub (by weight) to fit in the sweet reusable glass jar. 

I also include himilayan pink salt and powdered sucanat so you are delivering beneficial fatty acids (stearic acid in shea butter is one of the best cleansers available and is added to many soap products to remove impurities from the skin), minerals for skin health, and alpha-hydroxy acid.

Ingredients: Powdered Sea salt, Grapeseed Oil, Fair Trade Burkina Fasso Shea Butter, Cold Pressed Avena Sativa Oil, Himilayan Pink Salt, Sucanat (completely unrefined cane sugar), Essential Oil of Lavendula Stoechas (one of the highest in linalool, which is what soothes skin irritation)

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Posted by Carlette Jones on Apr 17th 2019
The lavender oat scrub felt so good on my stinking shingles!! It soothed, unlike the prescription cream. Mine were deep and became infected, and the lavender oat scrub was heaven. I recommend to anyone with shingles, but also for anyone to use for exfoliation. I'm sold!


Posted by Cassandra on Jan 27th 2017
Ever since meeting Courtney and learning about proper skincare, I've been obsessed with her scrubs. I gave the Lavender Oat Scrub a try this time and am loving it. My skin stays smooth and moisturized all day and the fine ground salt and oat combination feels great. The smell is light and relaxing. I always look forward to using it in the shower. :)

Treat yourself

Posted by Britt on Jul 8th 2015
First of all, this container of scrub is huge (as are all the other body scrubs). You really get what you pay for. And you don't really have to use that much because a small amount is so effective. Courtney takes such care making this that when you open it for the first time, there are beautiful lavender flowers scattered all over the top. The smell is divine and calming, and the scrub leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth there is no need for moisturizer. Love this stuff. Perfect for a gift, or just as something special for yourself.

Lavendar Oat Scrub

Posted by Edie Barnes on May 26th 2015
Lavendar is one of my favorite fragrances and so this scrub is great. I like the feel the oats give to it. I've even used it on my face.

What I MINT Foot Scrub

Posted by Edie Barnes on May 26th 2015
No change in my appreciation for the Foot Scrub. It is so invigorating for tired and swollen feet.
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