Flora Citrus Spray Pack | ROOM & BODY SPRAY

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This is a beautiful 5-pack!

This is the chance to smell all these beautiful Essential Oil created scents or to gift them away to people who will love them.

This pack includes all of our floral Body & Room Sprays and all of our citrus Sprays. The array of smells will certainly not disappoint.

These beautiful blends will walk you through a field of flowers, bring out the sultry feelings of a warm night, uplift you to dance, and center you.

Fora Citrus Pack includes:

Blossom - a beautiful lemon-forward floral that feels clean and bright

Antique Rose - we worked to create a true fresh rose smell with this one. One that doesn't get old and stale but stays fresh and bright smelling while using Bulgarian Rose essential oil and even a touch of black pepper oil to keep this scent so uplifting.

Jazz in the Pines - The blend of Jasmine and Pine essential oil will take you directly to a sultry southern summer night.

Lemongrass Chamomile - Lemongrass is one of the cleanest scents and invigorates the mind while Chamomile is soothing and clarifying.

Brighten - This citrus blend of pink grapefruit, bergamot, tangerine, orange and key lime creates a bright, but warm, fresh, and clean fragrance.

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