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Introducing Know When to Fold 'em our new oil blend made for use with Wool Dryer Balls. 1 oz Dropper Bottle. **Wool Dryer Balls Not Included as shown in photo**

Know When to Fold 'Em oil blend with Essential Oils brings a subtle and fresh scent to your laundry when added to the dryer. Ditch the artificially fragranced commercial dryer sheet for an environmentally friendly option with essential oils. Simply add one dropper full of Know When to Fold 'Em oil blend to a homemade dryer sheet, dry washcloth or to wool dryer balls with your clothes in the dryer. Leaving clothes smelling great, reduces annoying static cling and keeps clothes soft! 

 - Reduces Static

- Softenes Clothes

- Leaves a Subtle Scent

- Environmentally Friendly 

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Customer Reviews (1)

Slays static & pet hair

Posted by Dawn K. on Apr 27th 2020
I’m thrilled to share my success using Know When To Fold ‘Em natural fabric softener! I ONLY wear black and have an all white cat. I know, just asking for trouble! In my house I keep tape rollers strategically placed at every egress. I also have super sensitive skin and ditched chemical saturated dryer sheets long ago. I was still getting static and a discouraging amount of cat hair left on clothes and fabric when using just wool dryer balls. Sigh. I was hopeful that adding Know When To Fold ‘Em to my wool dryer balls would help. Boy did it! I no longer have to use a tape roller to de-hair my clothes when I first get dressed! It was so effective I spent three days washing and drying EVERY piece of fabric in the house. If you don’t have wool dryer balls, you can add Know When To Fold ‘Em to a washcloth and toss in your dryer load. Huge win for animal lovers!
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