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Meet the dream team. These three have been revelatory for every single eczema and psoriasis client that we treat. 

One of the first steps I walk clients through is ceasing the use of all soap on affected areas, and it's even better to just stop using soap on the body at all. Soap is one of the most damaging things we do to our skin when it is already compromised in at way. It removes both oil and nutrition from the skin and leaves the pores to tighten and remain compromised after use. 

Enter the Chamomile Lavender Oat Body Scrub. This scrub is a sugar base (so no stinging if you have open cracked wounds from your condition) and includes shea butter, oat oil, and freshly ground organic gluten free oats. Clients always see a dramatic result in eczema and psoriasis from the simple switch away from soap and to this scrub. 

Next in the treatment line is Second Skin. I do not hesitate to call this a miracle product. Second Skin is deeply healing and nourishing while also being just anti-bacterial and anti-yeast enough to assist the skin in healing in a deeper way than it has previously. If you choose to get just one thing out of this set, then please get Second Skin. It is also the best burn treatment and our chef clients always have it in their pocket (this even includes sunburns). Second Skin has been crucial for some of our acne as well. 

Thirdly, E Stick (The Everything Stick) is here to alleviate burning and ITCHING from your eczema and psoriasis. It is one of our thickest lotions with the capacity to heal and sooth and helps leave a protective extra barrier for the skin. 



8 Oz Chamomile Lavender Oat | BODY SCRUB - Click here  for product details

Value: $35

1 Oz Second Skin - Click here  for product details

Value: $17

1 – E-Stick Glass Jar- Click here for product details

Value: $18

Total: $70




Body/Face Scrub is included to replace your soap for cleansing. Stop soap use at least on affected area, but complete soap use is highly recommended. Spread a small amount of the scrub on the affected area or all over the body during shower/bath. 

Second skin Healing Serum – apply to affected area immediately after EVERY bath or shower. Also apply ALWAYS before bedtime. Either way use twice per day. If you experience any stinging when applying, hold off on using for a few days, and use only the scrub and e-stick. Go back and try to apply after two or three days and the stinging should be less or none. Continue to apply twice per day.

E-Stick – great skin protectant. Apply as needed throughout the day/night to control itch. It goes right on top of the Second Skin after you give it a few minutes to absorb. Also adds sun protection to those areas which is important for healing.


Eczema Under Control!
Posted Apr 29th 2021 by Jamie Enciso

I don't break out often, but when I do it really sucks. I've been using this treatment for almost 2 weeks now and the inflamed skin has calmed down and I have been able to completely replace my deodorant with the E stick. I love these products so much!

Eczema Psoriasis set
Posted Jun 8th 2020 by Karen

My grandson has been experiencing eczema on both arms. Very irritated. I ordered the Dry Skin eczema and psoriasis kit and within 3 days it was 95% better. We have tried many over the counter meds, even prescriptions with very little results. Please tell anyone you know with the same condition to try this. This stuff works people!

Eczema Psoriasis set
Posted May 29th 2020 by Aimee

I ordered this set for my 4 year old who has eczema on his arms and face that is irritated by sunscreens and big sprays. 3 days after using the second skin and e stick on his face the eczema disappeared and after 5 days of the lavender chamomile scrub the irritated spots on his arms and body were no more. Very satisfied and will be ordering again, not only for my little but I love all three of the products myself .

Mini Eczema Psoriasis Set
Posted Jan 19th 2020 by Linda

I purchased this set during my second trimester of pregnancy because I had a strange red, inflamed and itchy rash in my armpits. Prior to this purchase I used several different products that didn’t help improve my symptoms. Within 2 days - 4 washes (morning & night), the rash was gone. I continue to use the products because they’re so amazing and I use the scrub and E-Stick on my infant. I can’t say enough about this set. I’m hooked!

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Eczema & Psoriasis Gift Set includes (1) 8-oz Chamomile Lavender Oat Body Scrub, (1) Full Size E-Stick, and (1) 1-oz Second Skin