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Ready to even out your skin tone in a serious way? This is an age spot answer.

I developed the Enlighten line of products after developing a patch of melasma on my forehead. This is a dark patch of skin usually caused by estrogen in the body. It also just happens to skin as it ages. Melanin production increases as we get older.

This set includes a little dab of each of these...

~An extremely specialized Facewash and Mask with herbs that have clinically shown to remove age spots and improve collagen production.

~A powerful Moisturizer formulated with a blend of whole plant oils that have been studied for their ability to cause the skin to digest its own extra melanin in a natural but effective way.

~An herbally treated toner that performs all day


Enlighten Facewash & Mask 1/2 oz sample size: *Oatmeal, *Sucanat (with alpha-hydroxy acid), Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, *Cape Aloe, *Yucca Root, Enlighten Herb Blend (White Willow Bark, *Horsetail, *Butcher's Broom, Cucumber Concentrate, *Cranesbill, *Burdock Root, *Ginger Root, *Chaga Mushroom, *Orange Peel)

Enlighten Oil Moisturizer 1/2 oz : Camellia Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Avocado Seed Oil, Ricebran Oil, Sacha Inchi Oil, Argan Oil, Macerated Carrot Oil, Tamanu Oil

Enlighten Rose Toner 1/2 oz:  Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Witch Hazel with low alcohol, hand collected Manitou Spring water high in phosphorous and and magnesium, Colloidal Silver, Rosehips, Burdock, Cucumber, White Willow Bark, Watermelon


The Enlighten line is a three-step system. Herbal Facewash/mask, herbal spritzer/toner, and oil blend moisturizer. We have worked hard to discover the herbs that can even out the color and tone of your skin. The use of all three produces results in just a few weeks. They work in synergy to soften, improve skins ability to hold water, stay plump and allows skin to digest its own melanin without the use of lighteners or chemicals.

Step 1 is herbal facewash/mask to use twice daily. Wet your face with warm water for at least a minute. Put about a teaspoon of facewash into one palm. Drop a few drips of water into the facewash to make a slippery paste. Rub on face, focusing on “problem” areas like the T-Zone. Rinse and done!

Step 2 is herbal spritzer/toner. Use twice daily. Apply after using enlighten facewash.

Step 3 Follow toner immediately with enlighten oil, apply the oil BEFORE the toner dries and massage into your skin.



Customer Reviews (2)

Love It

Posted by Kimberly Betts on May 19th 2020
I’ve been using the facial enlightenment product for a few weeks now and love how smooth my skin feels after using the facial cleanser! I’ve notice how much my face color blends better and looks smooth with a glow!

Enlighten products

Posted by Kelley on Nov 25th 2018
I haven't yet tried the Enlighten face wash since I've been very happy with the EffOff, however after seeing the list of included herbs I'm going to have to try it! The toner and oil I use weekly, though :) I love the toner because my face could be blotchy from tweezing my eyebrows or being rough on my skin, but applying the toner eliminates the redness rapidly. I could even use the toner alone and not have my face feel super dry like commercial toners (which is also great in the summer when I don't use a lot of moisturizer). But, massaging the Enlighten oil blend on top of the wet toner as recommended creates a slightly thicker texture that feels like a Brazen moisturizer, so I love to alternate this with Stiletto. My skin tone is always more even after application. Bathroom counter staples for sure!
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