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Enlighten Butter | MOISTURIZER

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This butter is rich, but lighter than my other body butters. 

Magic in a jar, hence the super beautiful tins I've chosen for it. 

This is a soy butter base with a touch of shea butter and our top-selling face oil, Enlighten Oil, beautifully suspended in it.

This creamy goodness can be used on face or body.

The whole Enlighten Line is formulated for Aging Skin and has amazing herbal components that have been

clearing up AGE SPOTS AND MELASMA for years. 

If you are new to Enlighten - please read about it's magic here

Ingredients: Soy Butter with Black Currant Extract, Shea Butter, Enlighten Oil Blend - Camellia Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Avocado Seed Oil, Ricebran Oil, Sacha Inchi Oil, Argan Oil, Macerated Carrot Oil, Tamanu Oil





3 oz or 6 oz decorative tin

New fave, so buttery!
Posted Mar 6th 2023 by Kelley

Oh yeah, this new creation is sure to be a staple in your routine! Rich and creamy yet light, and wow is my skin soft the next day! Very healing. Smells delightful as well. Very, very yummy. Currently trying to get my brother onto a better skincare routine and told him to try this.

Posted Feb 23rd 2023 by R Sinner

The lovely ladies of BrazenBee sent me a sample of the new Enlighten butter as a perfectly timed gift with my order of The Curist. My acne has been absolutely wild lately and my skin was scabbed, dry, and attempting to heal, all during winter. With the Curist helping with my acne, this butter helped my skin feel softer and less flakey after just a couple uses. I look forward to seeing more results!!

Enlighten butter
Posted Feb 21st 2023 by Zia

Scrumptious. My skin has never been so velvety soft. The enlighten line is my daily care and this is the perfect addition to the toner oil and mask. Thank you for another incredible product.

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Enlighten Butter | MOISTURIZER
Enlighten Butter | MOISTURIZER
Enlighten Butter | MOISTURIZER