Earth Collection - 5 Color Palette | Eye, Lip, Cheek | MAKEUP

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The Earth Collection 5 color palette includes; Clay, Copper Ore, Everglades, Glacier & Top Soil
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The Earth Collection - 5 Color Palette - Eye, Lip & Cheek Color

  • Clay
  • Copper Ore
  • Everglades
  • Glacier
  • Top Soil

When I sat down to create my first makeup collection I wanted it to be a reflection of not only myself, but of Hive Cosmetics and Brazen Bee Beauty as a whole. We love the earth and I wanted to honor the great Mother with colors inspired by some of her most beautiful creations while using ingredients that are the most friendly to Her. - Kiley, Brazen Bee

Eye, Lip, and Cheek Colors - Daily Use

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