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Mini Eczema Psoriasis Set

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This exciting gift bundle lets you save more when you buy more! Perfect for everyone on your holiday list!

** Please note that bulk options of multiple sets are sent without being packed into a gift box. You will receive the products only and will need to wrap them yourself. This helps us offer such super low pricing for the holidays! Thank you! **



8 Oz Chamomile Lavender Oat | BODY SCRUB - Click here  for product details

Value: $35

1 Oz Second Skin - Click here  for product details

Value: $16

1 – Full Size E-Stick - Click here for product details

Value: $18

Total: $69



1 – 2 Oz Chamomile Lavender Oat | Body Scrub

1 – 1 Oz Second Skin

1 – ½ Oz Sample Size E-Stick

Customer Reviews (3)

Eczema Psoriasis set

Posted by Karen on Jun 8th 2020
My grandson has been experiencing eczema on both arms. Very irritated. I ordered the Dry Skin eczema and psoriasis kit and within 3 days it was 95% better. We have tried many over the counter meds, even prescriptions with very little results. Please tell anyone you know with the same condition to try this. This stuff works people!

Eczema Psoriasis set

Posted by Aimee on May 29th 2020
I ordered this set for my 4 year old who has eczema on his arms and face that is irritated by sunscreens and big sprays. 3 days after using the second skin and e stick on his face the eczema disappeared and after 5 days of the lavender chamomile scrub the irritated spots on his arms and body were no more. Very satisfied and will be ordering again, not only for my little but I love all three of the products myself .

Mini Eczema Psoriasis Set

Posted by Linda on Jan 19th 2020
I purchased this set during my second trimester of pregnancy because I had a strange red, inflamed and itchy rash in my armpits. Prior to this purchase I used several different products that didn’t help improve my symptoms. Within 2 days - 4 washes (morning & night), the rash was gone. I continue to use the products because they’re so amazing and I use the scrub and E-Stick on my infant. I can’t say enough about this set. I’m hooked!
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