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Enlighten Mini Toner - Included in Kit *Required* *
Enlighten Mini Oil Blend - Included in Kit *Required* *

This kit has all the things we recommend to make a great mask with either our Glacial Marine Clay or our Dead Sea Clay.

Glacial Marine Clay or Dead Sea Clay

1/2 oz Enlighten Toner

1/2 oz Enlighten Oil

Silicon Brush and Bowl set!


There are many ways to use this dry clay and what I list here are just a few of many ways to use this clay for healthy skin and hair.


Mix 1 teaspoon of the dry clay with 1 dropper of Enlighten or Chally Ha Oil and just enough water to created a paste. Apply all over face (no need to avoid under eye area). To keep the clay from drying, spray face with Blatant or Enlighten Toner. Leave on for 20 minutes (if you can keep clay wet). Rinse it off face with warm water and clean clothe. 


Mix one teaspoon of the dry clay with 3 pumps of EyeEye Captain and Enlighten or Chally Ha Oil.


About Dead Sea Clay

Dead Sea Clay/Mud is one of the most effective treatments for any kind of skin discoloration. The minerals in Dead Sea Clay help your skin cells make better decisions about how much melanin to make. This means that those with conditions where patched of the skin lack melanin can be helped and those who have types of hyperpigmentation can also find relief. 

It is thought that this is one of the very first muds in the world to be used cosmetically. 

Dead Sea Clay is one of the most strengthening clays we know. This is due to the intense mineral concentration and silica. 

This jar of dry clay can be anything you want it to be! I've even used it as eyeliner with some EyeEye Captain to wet my brush.

About Glacial Marine Clay

This Ultrafine Glacial Marine Clay is heavy with minerals, elements, and phytoplankton that help detoxify and revitalize the skin! This is our richest clay for fortifying the skin while also detoxifying very gently.

This incredibly buttery feeling clay stimulates blood circulation, soften the skin texture and neutralizes the skin with rich minerals to help smooth out wrinkles and slow the aging process of the skin.


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Glacial Marine Clay in this kit is incredibly buttery and hydrating.
Our Enlighten Oil and Toner set: Usually $25 on it's own.
Clay Mask KIT | MASKS