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Babies deserve THE BEST in skincare. We all know that. All these years of treating skin rashes and irritation on kids and newborns has made me passionate about what touches our sweet babes. With my own children, it was always a struggle to find the one thing that didn't cause rashes on one or all of them. 

Babies are my very favorite clients and I take the trust of their parents very seriously. It is a sacred thing to be given the chance to formulate and help decide what goes on any infant. 

This scrub was created for a baby who has many allergies, including an allergy to oats, which meant that this baby could not use the Lavender Oat or Chamomile Lavender Oat, which is what I normally recommend for the babes.

I've included Hemp Seed Oil and Argan oil to provide some great polyphenols, vitamin E and vitamin A to speed healing for our baby's skin and for adult skin that needs a formula that is ultra-gentle and provides nutrition to the skin.

Ingredients: Organic Raw Juiced Sugarcane Crystals, Organic Unbleached Sugar, Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil

Customer Reviews (2)

Excellent for Eczema

Posted by Grasiela Mariscal on Aug 17th 2020
Baby Dub Scrub did wonders for my grandsons eczema. It cleared the dry, red patches he had on his cheeks and in his hair. His skin is soft, smooth and hydrated. Highly recommend.

Baby Dub Scrub

Posted by Mary on Jul 3rd 2020
I'm no a baby (57 yo woman) but I love the way this scrub exfoliates gently and that the oil soaks in so easily. Best the skin on my legs have felt in years!!
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