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Botanical Name: Argania Spinosa

Extraction Method: Cold Pressed

Processing Type: Unrefined

A wonderful nutrative for the skin, Argan is well-known for it's effectiveness in treating hair, skin, and nails. Unfortunately, many argan products that say "pure" or "natural" actual contain a plethora of other ingredients like silicon and fragrance.

  • Contains squalene- a VERY effective treatment for skin aging. Olive oil is a well-known source of squalene HOWEVER,  I have read scientific studies that warn Olive Oil has been studied at length for use on the skin and it turned out that participants had WORSE skin all on parts of measurement within just one week of using olive oil. Want some squalene?? USE ARGAN.
  • a great source of vitamin A - acne treatment, anyone? I believe that this is why argan is effective in acne treatments. 
  • The main natural phenols in argan oil are 
    • caffeic acid - This little acid may be the hero of Argan oil and is found in highest concentration in argan above any other source. Shown to kill skin cancer cells. Also has been tested a strong anti-inflamatory and outperformed other anti-oxidants supremely.
    • oleuropein - an anti-bacterial and anti-viral queen. Oleuropein has been studied as an anti-HIV and wonderful anti-bacterial
    • vanillic acid - anti-oxidant, anti-inflamatory, anti-microbial
    • tyrosol - sought after anti-oxidant also found in green tea
    • catechol - often thought of as the "natural preservative" in plants, this is an anti-fungal and stops fruits from rotting immediately
    • resorcinol - extracted and used pharmeceutically used to treat: acne, painful itchy dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea, corns, calluses, warts
    • (−)-epicatechin and (+)-catechin- anti-oxidant that has been majorly studied in gene expression. Studies suggest that it can be used to scavange indoor air pollutants and this is definitely exciting in skin care as protection against VOC's in the air is criticla to skin care in the long term.

1 oz glass bottle with dropper

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Pure & perfect

Posted by Deena on Jul 6th 2015
This stuff is pure, perfect, and has helped me with itchy, flaky scalp.
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