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This set is great for someone who wants to pinpoint what works well for them. It's also an awesome gift for those who like to dabble in blending oils, or for the aficianado who loves to have wonderful things in the cabinet. 

Oat Oil- an extremely rich dark golden oil with all the apparent scent of oats and the extreme soothing, healing, and cleansing capabilities of oat.

Argan Oil- Argan is rich is Oleic acid and also contains such sought after plant chemicals like squalene, vanillic acid, carotene (vitaminA!), and caffeic acid. Argan has been studied and proven to work the wonders that are raved about.

Black Cumin Seed Oil- oh boy oh boy- This is pure food for your skin. Black Cumin Seed is dark brown and smells of a toasty cumin. It is earthy and packed with phytonutrients for the skin and body. 

Chaulmoogra Oil has an interestinghistory and was historically used to treat leprosy. Chaulmoogra trees still grow directly outside of what were once leprosy clinics in India. This oil is as fascinating to me as its history. It is the only known oil that is NOT a fatty acid chain- but is actually a fatty acid circle. The chain of acids in chaulmoogra link back onto themselves and make a structure not seen elsewhere. This oil is also, for some reason, magically able to kill the bacteria that causes acne and do it well. It smells a bit like fishy plastic. This smell has truly grown on me over time and I adore it. 

Karanja Seed Oil- The oil has been used to treat tumors, wounds, ulcers, itching. It is in the same family with neem-which you may know as a serious anti-parasitic and antibacterial.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil- Meadowfoam can soften the skin and is touted as an anti-aging oil. This makes sense to be simply because it is a wonderful anit-oxidant oil and aging is caused, in part, by the presence of free radicals. I find meadowfoam quite fascinating because it has a different type of chain of fatty acids and carries more carbons with it than other fatty acid molecules.

 Set of 6 one ounce glass bottles with rubber droppers

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