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This set includes three of our most therapeutic products.  

It's a great economical introductory set to these products and a must-have for moms, dads, outdoor enthusiasts, the home gardener, beekeeper, tinkerer or anyone who appreciates 100% natural, zero-preservative and broad-application skin care.


 The Draw

Developed for its direct, topical application and poultice-like properties, it is beneficial for cuts, scrapes, insect stings and bites, and it also works to pull cysts and infection to the surface.


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The E Stick is beneficial for any skin irritations including rashes and topical yeast infections.  Its zinc oxide content provides a reliable sunscreen and antiperspirant.  

It's often used for rashes that come about from being an active person (we're talking undercarraige, bra-lines, and anywhere that rubs together). Also- a *very* reliable deodorant and sunscreen!

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Deep Down Muscle Rub

Maximum strength potency and analgesic properties. Deep Down can be used to relieve arthritis, sprains, muscle aches and bruising.  

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You can see how this set would excite the tired mom, the avid runner, the rock climber, your kayaking buddy, and your grandma. Maybe even your dog!

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